Electrical Work in Bathroom Renovations

If you’re getting ready for a bathroom renovation, you have a number of things that you need to consider. What sort of work can an electrician near me in Spokane WA do in your bathroom? Let’s take a look.

Lighting is critical in a bathroom. The lighting needs to be good for all types of activities but especially so during bathing when you need a clear view of the drain and taps to ensure water does not splash on the floor or walls. Good lighting will also help you see blemishes, skin problems, and any other body parts that need to be cleaned.

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Bathroom electrical work has to deal with both appliances and lighting.  Toilets are the largest appliance in a bathroom and need the most power. A typical toilet uses between 1.6kW (running) and 4kW (flush) of power during operation, or 2-5kWh per day.

In addition to toilets, there are other electrical appliances found in bathrooms such as extractor fans, electric shower heaters. Other more minor appliances that may be found include window blinds, door bells and clocks (if the bathroom is a bedroom).

Lighting requirements are critical in a bathroom because of the potential for water. The lighting requirements for bathrooms are not dissimilar to those in a living room. However, the difference is that they must be able to cope with water splashes and good lighting is important during bathing when you need clear views of taps and drains. Electrical services in bathrooms can be easily damaged so it is important to insulate any exposed wiring and waterproof all circuits in bathrooms.

Learn about your options and talk with a professional to learn as much as possible about your electrical needs during your renovation process. You can get things organized and ensure that you’ve done things right the first time.