How To Become A Loan Officer

Several individuals are involved with the purchase or sale of a home in addition to real estate agents.  From home inspectors to financing officers, the process of transferring a house from one entity to another requires specialized individuals to oversee the final sale or purchase.

The most crucial step for a homeowner to start the process of acquiring or selling a house is to apply for a home loan.  These loans are approved or denied by licensed professionals called loan officers. 

Loan officers take all relevant information about a person’s income and credit in order to determine if a loan is possible and how much an individual is eligible for.

If you are interested in helping people move into their dream home or getting them the money they need for a second home, then becoming a loan officer can be an exciting career opportunity.

Education, Training, & Testing

Most states will require that an individual has a realtor’s license before applying for a mortgage or loan officer license.  Once you have obtained a realtor’s license, there are about 30 hours of additional courses you will need to complete. 

After fully comprehending every aspect of real estate loans and financing, you can take a test to obtain your nmls license in Las Vegas, or, your city of residence.

Testing fees differ from state to state but are generally between 30-50 dollars. 

Career Opportunities

nmls license in Las Vegas

Successfully passing your mortgage or loan officer tests means you can apply for various high-paying positions in banks, established real estate agencies, or as a freelance contractor.

Individuals with an NMLS license are also registered to a national database that tracks the reputation of a mortgage specialist.  This will give potential buyers and sellers the confidence they need to trust your financing decisions.